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A smart door lock for thousands of dollars, is it worth it?

The date:2018-01-11 11:58:12

Today, smart furniture is all over the streets, and smart locks are a category for smart home furnishings. Smart door lock market outbreak since 2015, each door lock manufacturers are also continuously introduce new products, to spend more investment to research and development production of smart locks, this market is a field of great market prospect. But prices vary widely as brands vary. Consumers are also struggling with security and price concerns. A smart door lock is generally thousands of dollars, is it worth it?
After several years of rapid development, the market share of smart locks has multiplied, and the stage of the mechanical lock has become smaller, or it will exit the market some day. Remember that alipay, WeChat payment and other mobile payment methods have just emerged, many people also have a skeptical attitude, but go out to eat, shopping malls, travel and so on with mobile phones out.
Smart locks are the same as alipay and WeChat, which also bring more convenience to people's life. Most of the smart locks on the market can set a variety of unlocked modes. Besides traditional keys, they can also be unlocked with passwords, fingerprints, intelligent sensors, and swipe CARDS.
That is to say, with smart locks, you can lose a bunch of heavy keys in your bag. And the alipay, WeChat payments you've been using for so long, and there's nothing wrong with it. So how can you lose smart locks in smart life? So, according to this trend, it is only a matter of time before the key is eliminated. Imagine when you bags back to home, but also put down his things looking for the key, find the key to open the door, and then pick up the things that take the door, it is very troublesome? The answer is yes. So, in the age of intelligence, what is the reason why your door locks are not intelligent?
If you feel like fingerprint lock smart enough, and some intelligent lock also provides more intelligent "lazy" mode, such as smart locks can be as long as there is induction function with mobile phone binding, binding or with a wireless remote control, as long as it is near the door you can press the handle to open the door.
In fact, the use function of smart locks and there are many very intelligent, such as a user on a business trip, as long as the old man and the child's mobile phone and smart locks binding, can through the phone to know when they go out, when to go home; If you have friends and relatives visiting, and you happen to be not at home, you can either send a temporary authorization password via your mobile phone or open the phone remotely, and let them enter the room to wait...
In addition, the intelligent lock for the intelligent experience still has a lot of people, such as it can also be connected to other intelligent household products, or provide people with the weather forecast, life tips, automatic lock and so on.
According to the current situation, the price of intelligent lock for users is somewhat higher, which is about 10,000, and the average level is around 3,000. Although there are three or four hundred smart locks on taobao, the quality, stability, security and service are not reassuring.
Shenzhen wisdom expo this year, there are many manufacturers launched as low as 399 smart locks, and less than one thousand intelligent lock is also a lot of, give a person the sense with cost-effective era is coming, but this really the case?
Many intelligent lock head said: "we are not done out of hundreds of smart locks, just do it, I can't assure the quality of the rising production cost, labor cost, low price competition of smart locks only compress the cost of raw materials and production process cost, can bring a certain amount of profit, but compress the cost of these two aspects are bound to sacrifice the product quality."
Although it is the common goal of all companies to provide the user with a higher price for smart locks, what kind of price can be purchased? Porsche and ferrari are expensive, but they always have customers. The same is true for smart locks, where good products can't just be priced, but also what kind of smart locks the company can offer and what kind of service experience they can provide.

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