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Smart locks walk into life.

The date:2018-01-11 15:26:31

When people try to link everything with the Internet, they can't link to locks that require frequent contact and use every day. The technology of locks and keys has not changed fundamentally since the first lock and key was invented around 612 BC in the capital Nineveh. Recently, however, an electronic lock, powered by a smartphone, appears to replace locks and keys made of steel and iron.
An electronic lock on a mobile phone.
All of this could change dramatically when smartphones become indispensable partners for humans. Jim suva, an analyst at citigroup, discussed the topic in a public report in November 2014 with his colleague, Alicia metacht. They argue that smart device makers must develop a huge new business, that is, physical security -- locks and keys made of steel and iron -- that will be replaced by electronic locks that are unlocked by the user's smartphone.
To that end, apple co-founder Steve wozniak also used an iphone as a key to access a locked hotel room. In fact, apple has been developing the key system since at least 2010. Another tech giant, Google, is also focusing on the two businesses that "touch" people twice a day. According to Google CEO larry page, Google has been seeking to "wonderful intuitive service and technology, this technology and services will have incredible effects on people, so they use two times a day, like the user use the toothbrush. In fact, not many objects are used twice a day. But people use the door every day at least eight times or more, you move in and out of home, car, garage even many public places and office must meet and door lock, if we can link talks with them that this is how wonderful intuitive experience!"
Solve a lot of embarrassments
Have you been standing in front of your house many times, but you can't find the key? How many times do you have a heavy shopping bag in your hands, and you can crack open the door with a "sesame open door"? Are you going to visit your friends many times, but you can't get into your house, you can only squatting at your door and you're like an ant on a hot pot? These awkward questions about locks can be solved by smart locks. According to the development of intelligent lock Wellpros international chief executive David lee and co-founder Steven Liu Jieshao, smart door locks can realize "touch the lock" or "mobile phone manipulation" "user rights management," "real-time view" "authorized" remote intelligent alarm and other functions, take out a cellular phone can unlock phone APP, can close bluetooth match the lock, can also remote authorization to your friend, he can wait for you in your home make tea leisurely, and through the administrator privileges, either to other family members phone authorization, also can cancel the authorization.
This is called wpekey smart door lock also provides attendance management and real-time viewing of very close door lock state function, no matter when and where, mobile phones can through the phone APP to see who is authorized in into the door, allow enterprises to generation colleagues clock in attendance "little slacker" no exercise, also can report at any time or view the lock state, don't have to worry about go out didn't lock the door when you leave, can also see when have the key family home, whether it will convenient to parents understand children got home safe and sound.
The safety performance is also high.
Of course, the most fundamental demand for locks is security, and smart locks are no exception. When you use the password to open the door, this kind of smart door lock must distinguish real password in any code input combination, so don't worry about the password, it has safety protection intelligent early warning function at the same time, when there is any way to remove the force of the door, will open the speed response mechanism, the door will be the first time report to the police, and push the alarm message to notify the main mobile phone and mobile phone APP, triggering a key function of alarm for help, avoid family property infringement. When the smart lock battery is used up, the mobile power charging interface can be used to power the lock.
The advantage of a smart lock is that you don't need to carry a key, or you can easily change your password, and you don't need to change locks or duplicate keys. Compared with the traditional door lock or password lock, the key function of the smart door lock is to use the technology such as bluetooth to open the door directly through the phone with the help of smart phone and supporting application. For now, Google has entered the market through a $3.2 billion acquisition of Nest, and apple has already begun selling lock systems and phones that control the locks.
The business is expected to grow faster than mobile payment applications and is expected to grow into a $3.5 billion industry by 2019. Now, both apple and Google are focusing on the market and are seriously considering future concrete actions, while Chinese smart companies are also actively positioning the sector. Undoubtedly, the door lock is facing change, and more and more convenient application products will bring wonderful experience to consumers.

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