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Selection of glass door locks.

The date:2018-01-11 15:56:05

1. Firstly, we choose the products of high visibility, stable quality and good after-sales service.
2. Check whether the identification of the purchased product packaging, logo is complete (including the implementation of the standard, grade, production enterprise name, address, date of production), the packaging is strong, instruction content and the product is consistent.
3. Observe the appearance quality of the products, including locks, lock body, lock tongue, hand whether related to plate parts and fittings is complete, the chrome, colour and lustre is bright, evenly on the surface of the painting, without signs of rust, oxidation and damaged.
4. Check whether the product is reliable, flexible, and should choose two or more products for control inspection. The test switch must be tested with all keys, and it is recommended that each lock should be tried at least three times.
5. Monitor the bit of the keys, such as the five key tooth, each key should not be less than three different key teeth, at the same time the first teeth, the fifth should try not to choose the most key tooth, benefit for the insertion of the key and not easily broken.

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