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Introduction to smart locks.

The date:2018-01-11 16:02:44

Intelligent lock is a kind of lock that is more intelligent in user identification, security and management, which is different from traditional mechanical lock.
Smart locks are different from traditional mechanical locks, which are compound locks with security, convenience and advanced technology.
Use non-mechanical keys as a mature technology for user ID identification, such as:
Fingerprint lock, iris recognition access control (biometrics, high security, no loss of damage; But it's not easy to configure, it's expensive.
Magnetic card, rf card (non-contact type, high security, plastic material, convenient to carry, low price)
TM card (contact class, high security, stainless steel material, easy to carry, low price)
There are many applications in the following places: Banks, government departments (focus on safety), and hotels, school dormitories, residential communities (attention to convenient management)

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