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Intelligent lock intelligent analysis.

The date:2018-01-11 16:03:49

Intelligent analysis and prediction technology is based on each time the received data blocks, compare to previous similar data record values, analyze the operation of the change of the current size and trends, found problems in time, and report on management, so as to enhance the reliability of the whole system.
The system software
Intelligent password lock software USES 51 series single - chip assembler language for intelligent monitor and electronic locks respectively programming. Intelligent monitor software including keyboard scanning and LCD display program, buzzer driver, clock modification and read program, data communication and pretreatment and intelligent analysis program, line monitoring program module, etc. Electronic lock software includes keyboard scanning and decoding program, LCD display program, communication program, electromagnetic actuator drive and detection program, sensor interface program and other modules. The modular design method is adopted in the software design process to facilitate the reading, debugging and improvement of the program.
The intelligent code lock makes full use of the soft and hardware resources of 51 system single chip microcomputer, introduces the intelligent analysis function, and improves the reliability and security of the system. It is welcomed by users by installing in a certain type of safe. In addition, the intelligent combination lock changed slightly in hardware and software aspects, can constitute a intelligent distributed monitoring network, to achieve a range of centralized monitoring and management, in finance, insurance, military area and other security areas has broad application prospects.
Common types of smart locks.
3.1 remote lock for the classification of intelligent locks.
The most common remote control locks are light remote control (remote control) and radio remote control (bluetooth etc.).
3.2 password lock for the variety classification of intelligent locks.
At present, there are keyboard electronic code lock and touch keyboard code lock. The former is useful for a wide range of USES, compared with simple button keys. The latter is the more beautiful LED touch screen. Today, in the work carried out on use are remarkable, to set a number of digital code, can be arbitrary change, to attend irregular digital maintenance password, password mistyped 3 times can be active locked for a period of time, and so on.
3.3 sensor lock for the breed classification of intelligent locks.
Use all kinds of card replacement key to swipe to open the door is currently using more throughout, company staff, buildings, transport and use more, and also can be a card holders, open the door, the car, cost and so on. However, with the same sensor lock and remote intelligent lock, the demand keeps the magnetic card, and it loses the authorization to cancel the card in time.
3.4 biometric security lock for the classification of intelligent locks.
Because of the rapid development of biometric skills, the use of human fingerprints, binoculars, sounds and other features that are not repeatable can be used as a carrier to open the door. Common such as fingerprint lock, face recognition lock, voice lock and so on. The advantage is that the "key" is portable, safe and popular with high-end users.
Increased social skills, of course, innovation, the function of intelligent lock variety is also emerge in endlessly, many product set above a variety of work for a suit, can remote control open, password can open, can charge opening, can open the, fingerprint locks the active and aggressive alarm is necessary function of human nature, from the security more and more reliable. But, in the intelligent lock itself, its performance still have instability, sometimes encountered (electronic lock) such as harsh environment, such as high temperature, strong magnetic, some smart locks may malfunction, the service life of the fingerprint lock fingerprint reading head and so on.
With the development of technology, there will inevitably be more locks, such as new voice patterns, face recognition locks, iris locks and so on.

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